People like Abdul Sattar Edhi are a blessing for Pakistan, a country plagued by corruption, crime, barbarity, ethnic, religious fanaticism, hate speech and government machinery immune to sufferings of its citizens. Edhi lives in the real world, runs the biggest fleet of private ambulances including helicopters, used to provide relief to the poor, the destitute, orphans and those suffering from man-made and natural disasters, instead of offering free air travel to country’s corrupt political and bureaucratic elite.

He refrains from self-projection, he is busy in serving humanity, he refuses to offer free Umrah junkets to powerful pressure groups. His services extend beyond Pakistan, yet our electronic media has no time to highlight his services, because he refuses to oblige, unlike the most controversial ‘Real Estate Mafia Don’ of Pakistan, who favors the powerful pressure groups within state bureaucracy and media. He could be a philanthropist if he gifted an over 82,000 square feet covered palatial villa, to one of most corrupt and controversial politicians of Pakistan, who owns sugar mills, villas and penthouses located in Dubai, France, Spain, UK and the USA.

In any other country, the state and private media would have hailed and honored Edhi as a saint like Mother Teresa, instead of allowing hooligans to rampage his offices and rob skins of sacrificial animals or charity donations given in trust to the foundation, without any fanfare or publicity.


Lahore, June 3.