KARACHI: Father of Abdullah, the kid at the Edhi foundation today filed a plea in District Magistrate South’s court seeking custody of the minor.

The child did not recognize his father, Iqbal Chaudhry, and step-brother in a meeting at the Edhi centre on Sunday. The two-year-old saw his father who lives in Khanewal after six months.

While conversing with the media, 69-year-old Iqbal and his son hinted legal action against the welfare foundation if the child was not handed over to them.

However, Abdullah’s maternal grandmother and aunt opposed the idea of handing over the child to his father citing threat to his life.

Bilquis Edhi, wife of foundation’s founder stated that the young Abdullah’s life may be in danger if he is handed over to his father.

However, the father has given contradictory statement over divorcing Abdullah a mother, Haleema. He said that he divorced Haleema for dubious moral character. Iqbal also told that he did not come to Karachi earlier because he was not well.

On the other hand, no progress has been made in Abdullah’s mother, Haleema’s murder case as police could not find the suspected murderer Rizwan.

While recording his statement, Iqbal said that he met Haleema in Rawalpindi around ten years ago and married her in Karachi’s Mehmoodabad with her parent’s consent.

Abdullah was born in Clifton’s local hospital, he said but his relation with his wife got tensed around a year ago.

Conflicting father’s statement, Iqbal’s son, Ansar said that his step-mother, Haleema had asked for divorce and his father did not divorce her.

Chaudhry Iqbal remembered that he married Haleema in Karachi’s Qayyumabad but could neither recall the date nor the year. He also denied having any knowledge of who Rizwan was.

Rizwan, a local who shifted the boy to Edhi centre last week was identified using a CCTV footage but fled soon after that. His wife was taken into custody who claimed that she did not know his whereabouts.

Haleema’s body was found in an apartment in Delhi Colony last week after neighbours complained about stench. Reportedly, Rizwan had brokered the apartment.

According to the neighbours, they heard loud noises one day and then there was silence for days.

It should be recalled here that Rizwan had brought the kid to the welfare foundation. His wife, Sonia revealed that her husband knew many women.