ISLAMABAD - Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has prepared a draft bill having 163 sections on protection of women rights which is still under consideration.

CII spokesman Dr Inamullah told APP that member of the Council, senior professor Jamait Ulema Baranri Town, Maulana Imadullah had drafted the bill which was discussed in the 204th meeting of the council.

Few clauses of the bill were discussed in the meeting and the council members presented their recommendations on it while other had not been discussed as yet.

He stated that the council referred few clauses relevant to children to be incorporated in another draft bill of the council `Protection of Children Rights'.

He said the first chapter of the bill addressed fundamental rights of women, while other main topic included education rights of women, economic rights, political rights, medical rights etc.

He added that section 27 of the bill discussed rights of old women so that they can live a respectable life with proper care and attention. So far the council has discussed only 27 clauses of the bill while the remaining 28 to 163 clauses were referred to research officers of the council for their input, he informed.

Clarifying news published in section of press regarding torture, he said that the bill condemns torture and the chairman CII Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani quoted reference of Ayat 34 of Surah Nisa which was misinterpreted in media.

He further informed that the government should take steps for medical treatment of women through women physicians and nurses but it did not mean that in case of non-availability of female doctors, no male doctor can treat them.

"Pakistan is far better in medical treatment than Saudi Arabia but they have established separate women hospitals so why not Pakistan do so," he said adding, the issue was taken up as a preventive measure considering the recent incident in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences where a mentally-retarded woman was sexually assaulted."

After recommendations, suggestion and input of CII, the draft bill would be forwarded to Ministry of Law and Justice for vetting and after that it would be presented in the parliament.