LAHORE - Social media accounts operated by the Sindhi and Baloch separatist groups inciting the public against the CPEC project have been traced and blocked by intelligence services, security agencies’ officials told The Nation yesterday.

The social media accounts were being operated on Twitter and Facebook using another country’s master servers to launch anti-CPEC propaganda targeting the Sindhi and Baloch people.

Some accounts were operating under the original name of the Sindhi and Baloch separatist outfits while others using pseudonyms to incite the local populace against the CPEC project, they added.

According to the intelligence agencies findings the move on the social network by the anti-CPEC lobby is being technically aided and funded by the hostile intelligence services of the region, which include New Delhi’s key secret service RAW.

Few social media accounts were discarded by the anti-state elements as soon as they learnt about the fate of their accomplices on the cyber highway.

Counter-subversion sections of the intelligence services are on the continuous chase of the anti-state elements on this new frontier of ideological warfare. No break or hiatus takes place in this fight. As you put one account out of business, another is created, said the security agencies’ officials.

The cyber chase which put offline the recent Sindhi and Baloch separatists’ social networks took place in the result of an intimation from some officials of Pakistani mission in China who monitored the anti-CPEC activity on social media, added the security officials.

A Sindhi separatist outfit Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), designated terrorist by ministry of interior, was using social media to incite the local Sindhi as well as Baloch population against the CPEC in the name of exploitation of their resources. It even used obnoxious language against the Pakistan-China cooperation with regard to CPEC. The social network used by JSMM has now been busted, said the security officials.

Some Baloch separatists operating under pseudonyms were also put out of business in the recent cyber bust. To avert action, Harbiyar Marri, head of Balochistan Liberation Army de-activated his Twitter account.

Mehran Marri, brother of Harbiyar, also abandoned his Twitter account after constant chase by the counter subversion sections of the intelligence services, they added.

Harbiyar is living in New Delhi since October 2015 in a RAW safe house. He left London last year fearing his exchange with the accused of Imran Farooq killers.

JSMM, which prompted the fresh aggressive cyber highway chase by the intelligence agencies, is connected with banned Baloch separatist outfits.

The student wing of JSMM works hand-in-hand with Baloch Student Organisation (BSO) which is named by RAW chief spy for Balochistan and Karachi Commander Kulbushan Yadav in his video confession as the proxy of the Indian agency.

JSMM is also connected with Marri’s Baloch Liberation Army, Allah Nazar Baloch’s Balochistan Liberation Front and Brahamdagh Bugti’s Baloch Republican Army.

The militant wing of JSMM, Sindhudesh Liberation Army, aided and funded by RAW, is involved in subversive activities in Sindh.

It had few linkages in southern Punjab with Saraiki movement groups. In some instances its activists were busted from Rahim Yar Khan who were hiding in this Punjab district on border with Sindh to evade the security agencies, said officials.

JSMM was founded in year 2000 by Shafi Muhammad Burfat, Samiullah Kalhoro, Muzafar Bhutto and Shabir Mallah. Burfat heads the outfit. Burfat is a fugitive and has been in hiding for the last 24 years. He fled to Afghanistan, where he had established a control centre in Kabul but he keeps on changing his location.

Burfat’s terror outfit organised anti-CPEC protests by threatening the local population that if they didn’t participate in it and shut their business, they could face dire consequences. According to security officials, he regularly visits New Delhi to meet with his RAW handlers.