NEW YORK:  Over a dozen retired military generals and eight senior ambassadors have appealed to President Barack Obama to not withdraw troops from Afghanistan whatsoever.

The appeal was made in light of growing number of Taliban confrontations in Afghanistan.

According to the army generals, Taliban among other extremist outfits are awaiting Obama administration to pull back forces so that they ‘take control of Afghanistan’.

The generals have recommended the United States President to announce continuance of the war on terror in Afghanistan until ground troops there do not gun down the last one of the terrorists standing. Army leaders said that the presence of US forces would add to morale of both the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Afghanistan government, led by Ashraf Ghani.

Reports published in different United States media highlight that the recommendation has come in days before US commander, deployed in Afghanistan is about to submit a key report.

Conflicting with the recommendation of diplomats and army leaders, majority of the US citizens want the government to order troops to return to the country so that billions are saved and spent on the welfare of the people.

According to the statistics issued by the United States Department of Defense that cover data until September 30, 2015, around 9,800 troops are on the ground in Afghanistan.