Lahore : The report of Millat venturing into export market has come as a pleasant surprise to the otherwise hard pressed and neglected sector by the government.

Mumshad Ali, chairman Paapam, has termed it the best news of the year for the tractor industry which is going through its worst year in more than a decade with tractor sales in constant decline over the last 5 years. This breath of fresh air gives hope to the otherwise ailing vendor base of tractor assemblers in the country. Mr. Ali hoped that this sale initiative will be able to offset the balance of drop in sales, due to lack of government support to the Pakistani farmer with regards to purchase of tractors. Not only will it give support to the dwindling exports from Pakistan, but will also put the country on the tractor exporter map. Tractor export shows the progress Pakistan has made in the high tech engineering sector. Tractors have been exported through unofficial channels for the last decade now due to the price competitiveness and quality of the Pakistani made tractor. Based on the demand Pakistani tractor has, particularly in the African market , AGCO, the owner of the Massey Ferguson Brand approached Millat tractors to enter into an agreement to market the Millat tractor models globally.

Mr Ali also asked the government to support this sector as more than 95 percent parts of this tractor from tyres , to engine, to transmissions are locally made and this sector creates employment and pays taxes. Tractor is also the most highly localized product of the auto sector, and its export is recognition of its quality and price competitiveness.