VEHARI: Two persons expired at DHQ Hospital Vehari due to absence of staff, negligence of doctors and unavailability of oxygen and instruments.

Nawaz, a residence of D Block, had heart attack and Zubaida Bibi of 9-11/WB was in critical situation when they were shifted to the emergency ward of the hospital. However, they remained unattended and died due to alleged absence of the duty staff and negligence of doctors.

As a result, the relatives of deceased allegedly tortured Dr Nadeem and Abdul Rais, and protested against the negligence of the doctors and others staff. The protestors said that when the patients were shifted to emergency ward, the staff was unavailable and the doctors were busy in gossips as a result the patients died.

They said oxygen and ECG machine were unavailable in emergency ward, and demanded strict action against the negligent doctors. The people blocked the road, burnt tyres and said that they will commit suicide if legal action was not taken against responsible persons. Meanwhile, the police and acting TMO Naeem Khalid reached the spot.–Staff Reporters

Dengue case reported

KAMALIA: First case of dengue fever of the season was reported here at THQ Hospital Kamalia after a youth was diagnosed as having been affected by dengue virus the other day. According to THQ Hospital MS Dr Naeem Ahmed Khan, 18-year-old Haider, a resident of Fazil Dewan area of Tehsil Kamalia was brought to the hospital with fever. He was admitted to the hospital due to his severe condition. Upon laboratory tests, the youth was diagnosed as having been affected by the dengue virus.–Staff Reporter

According to the family, the patient has recently come from Fort Abbas. The MS said that the youth has been referred to DHQ Hospital Toba Tek Singh for better treatment.