RAWALPINDI: The Punjab government has decided to take action against dilapidated buildings in Rawalpindi city before the advent of Monsoon in order to save lives of innocent people. These buildings have been constructed for more than a century and have outlived their lives and the residents there are under constant threat of being trapped if these buildings collapse due to heavy rain, windstorm or earthquake.

A recent survey has revealed that at least 246 buildings situated in the areas of Dhok Syedan, Chungi no. 22, Lalkurti and Saddar and Raja Bazar are dilapidated. The Punjab government has given a deadline to the district authorities until the advent of monsoon season to take action against the decayed structures to avoid any unseen situation.

According to the estimates, 109 dilapidated buildings are irreparable and cannot be brought into residential or commercial use even after extended repair.

Conversely the district authorities have drawn a plan to renovate 137 dilapidated buildings . The survey teams have maintained these buildings as useable for residential or commercial purpose after the outdated construction is repaired.   

The Punjab government has given directives to the district authorities to demolish the irreparable buildings before the start of monsoon season. Strict action will be taken against the owners of these dilapidated buildings for neglecting their responsibilities and compromising with the lives of the people. The services of experts are also hired in this regard.