DERA GHAZI KHAN-Once again, influential smugglers succeeded to get released their two non-custom paid luxury vehicles that were impounded by Border Military Police, after greasing the officials' palm soon after the impounding.

To conceal the corruption and clear the accused, the BMP commandant has launched inquiry with the uncle of the accused as inquiry officer to probe the allegations, sources informed The Nation.

Nowadays, vehicles smugglers have found some new routes for non-custom paid vehicles' smuggling as old ones Bawata-Rakhi Ghaj route has been highlighted in the media reports, said sources.

A BMP officer with condition of anonymity said that in the night of May 16 2016, at Gul Khai, 20 km away from Taunsa city, Baloch Levy constables Imtiaz Khan and Arshad Khan along with Naib Daffedar/In-charge BMP Picket Post Rodho Hammad Raza Qaisrani impounded the two vehicles. However, the source added, the next morning the vehicles were released after a bargaining of smugglers with the personnel. It was done under the patronage of Hammad Raza Qaisrani while two constables of Baloch Levy were not taken into confidence, he said. So, the personnel of Baloch Levy informed the higher-up about their performance but to no avail.

He (the source) maintained that to hide the facts and to manage the release of the vehicles, a dramatic departmental inquiry has been started against accused Hammad Raza and Waqar Aziz Qaisrani, Risaldar of BMP DG Khan, has been appointed as inquiry officer.

He revealed that Inquiry Officer Waqar Aziz is the uncle of accused Hammad Raza. Commandant BMP Babar Bashir has deliberately appointed Waqar as inquiry officer to clear the accused from the charge.

When contacted, Hammad Raza stated, "Former lawmaker Sardar Meer Badshah Khan Qaisrani along with companions has taken away the two vehicles from BMP Picket Post Rodho. I could not resist because only two BMP personnel were present at that time there. It was not possible to stop them. However I informed my high-ups about it immediately."

When approached, Baloch Levy Subedar Major Nazeer Buzdar admitted that two non-custom paid luxury vehicles were detained on May 16,2016.

To a question, Nazeer said that Baloch Levy's personnel perform their duties under directions of BMP officer. If someone releases vehicle, Baloch Levy have no power to interfere in it, he added. Similarly, Baloch Levy have not been made party in departmental inquiry against BMP officials, he said.

Nazeer said the vehicles were coming from Balochistan. Two transit routes between Balochistan and Punjab are normally used for smuggling in tribal area of DG Khan district, one is via Rakni (Balochistan Town), BMP's check post Bewata (Inter provincial Border), Rakhi Ghaj (last check post of BMP) and Punjab Police Check Post Sakhi Sarwar, he said. The second smuggling route is via Durag (Balochistan town), Karkana (Interprovincial Border), Toman Qaisrani, BMP Station Phughla, BMP Station Fazla kach, BMP check post Gramaaf, BMP Station Sateh and Punjab Police Taunsa and several link points of inter-provincial Sind-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Indus Highway, he said. But, nowadays, three to four new linked routes have been established for smuggling, he concluded.