KARACHI-The same holds true for legend Wasim Akram. When he started his cricket career he never could have imagined that he would one day the role model for generations of sportsmen to come after him. He was the first bowler in the world to get more than 400 wickets in test cricket. Fashion brand J. by Junaid Jamshed has launched signature fragrance Wasim Akram 414 to pay homage to the legend of cricket world.

Through sheer hard work Wasim was able to reach milestones that others may even dream of doing even today. When studying in Cathedral School in Lahore the scribe remembers how he used to play cricket even after school in the hot summers and how at such an early age he was trying to perfect his bowling. His efforts brought great result as he became one of the best fast bowlers ever. He remains the highest wicket taker of Pakistan and his record has not been broken.

Wasim Akram 414 is the fragrance to the acuity of celebrity’s prominent personality. The 1992 ball now finally gets a perfume revamp. The perfume was launched at the scented with 414 - the diligent fragrance, Marquee Hall, Pearl Continental Hotel. Celebrities of fashion to cricket and films including Inzamam-ul-Haq, Moin Khan, Ijaz Ahmed, Ahmed Shahzad, Irfan Khan, the former squash player Jahangir Khan Ayesha Omar, Deepark Perwani, Atiya Khan, Fareiha Altaf, Hira & Mani and sundry of celebs, socialites and corporate heads turned up at the event. J.’s fragrance 414 obtrudes as a corollary collaboration between Mane Flavor and Fragrance Manufacturer and J. Fragrances. Mane is the first French Group and one of the worldwide leaders of fragrance industry. The presence of its President and CEO Jean M Mane was another zenith of the event that was managed by Keys Productions.

Abrar-ul-Haq opened the event with the singing of Hamd.  It was followed up by Harsha Bhogle - Indian cricket commentator/journalist and Rameez Raja hosting the event. NAPA Students took over the stage parading the journey of Wasim Akram - From his street cricket days to being world champions.

Where Bushra Ansari is a versatile actress, with a subtle humour in the personality which comes natural to her - 4 Man Show Team Segment also had the audience rolling with laughter. The moment to look for was the next sequence, the unveiling of 414 by Wasim Akram himself with a tirade of appreciation. The event epilogue was with the man behind J., Junaid Jamshed’s thank you précis and vital sign’s Dil Dil Pakistan. Towards the end of the event, Vital Signs was reunited for the iconic “Dil Dil Pakistan” where Shahi Hassan, Salman Ahmad and Junaid Jamshed along with other celebrities performed live.

The function came to climax when the whole audience gave a standing ovation to Wasim Akram and sang Happy Birthday song for him.

Wasim Akram speaking on the occasion thanked everyone for supporting him throughout his career first as cricketer and then as commentator. “Whatever I am today is all because of Pakistan and your love. I retired almost 14 years back, but I’ve never felt the change. I’m still enjoying the respect and dignity and love,” he said. He acknowledged the support of his wife Shaniera Akram and his two boys, who were present.

“Me and Wasim were just at the floating phase of our careers when we got the opportunity to know each other and share the screen for Pepsi TVC. It’s a pleasure and honour for me to pay a tribute to the legend and a friend,” Junaid Jamshed added. 

The 1992 bowl, bat and trophies on the Golden Carpet Reception of the event was an elegant move by the cricketer, the warmth to share his achievements with his loved ones. 414 is the first ever sports personality brand of Pakistan which was fabricated by many meetings of Mane Perfumes Team with Wasim Akram and his wife - to get the finest scent of his personality in the bottle.

J. fragrances are considered Pakistan’s only elegant perfume brand which offers a vast range of French and oriental perfumes for men and women. Within a short span of time, J. has expanded its reach across Pakistan and abroad. It has 70+ outlets in Pakistan alone. J. has also set its foot in USA, UK, Canada, Oman, UAE, Saudia Arabia and Qatar. The perfume Wasim Akram 414 took over one year to complete. So… are you ready to indulge in the experience?

Photography: Ahsan Qureshy & Umair