Islamabad - Women of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have urged to address their longstanding issue of respectable transport, especially at routes not covered by Metro Bus Service.

The longstanding demand of decent transport for women was supposed to be addressed after starting Metro but half of working women are still in deprived state facing same problem of waiting for hours at bus stops in scorching heat, rain, storm etc.

Metro bus service is covering all stops of route number 1 and partially route number 3, 121, 124, 127, 120, 105, 1-C, 136 and 101 from Faizabad to Liaqat Bagh, Seven Up to F-8 Katcheri, Faizabad to F-8 Katcheri, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) to F-8 Katcheri, Khyber Plaza to G-9, Peshawar Mor to G-9, Double Road to G-9, PWD to Faizabad, Double Road to Faizabad respectively.

While, the passengers of route number 21, from Rawalpindi Katcheri to Pak Secretariat, route number 122, from Aabpara to Ali Pur, route number 127, Aabpara to Bara Kahu, route number 7 from Sawan to Kohi Nor Mill and main bus stops of twin cities of Pirwadhai and Karachi Company are totally deprived of metro facility.

Women complained that despite their repeated request no heed was paid to their grievances, adding that two reserved seats in public transport vans are still occupied by men, and they have to wait for hours during morning and evening, face derogatory remarks, ogling, pinching, touching etc.

Suria Jabeen, an employee of a private office at Blue Area said, she used to board a van from her home at Zia Mosque Rawalindi to Faizabad and Metro Bus from Faizabad to Blue Area but still a lot of time wasted.

She said Metro is good service but it did not pass through her residential stop so her fatigue from home to Faizabad is still same.

She added that women cannot travel respectably until a major change has been brought in behaviour of menfolk.

“Metro is good facility but males try to enter through first two doors reserved for women and senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs) especially in rush hours.”

She said PWDs, elderly and sick people rarely get seats reserved for them as males consider it their right to occupy them.

An official of Capital Development Authority (CDA), when contacted, told APP that the project of starting connecting buses from other stops to Metro stations is at advanced stage and after its functioning the problem would be solved.

“The project is at the last stages of Planning and soon it would be completed”, he said.

He informed that these connecting routes would cover four major routes including Rawat to Faizabad, IJP Principle Road to Faizabad, Golra Mor to Peshawar Mor and Bhara Kahu to Peshawar Mor.