Islamabad - Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started operation against illegal water connections installed on main conduction lines starting from Simly Filtration Plant.

A specially constituted disconnection squad in collaboration with local bodies, police and Director Enforcement will conduct operations on a daily basis till the disconnection of all illegal connections.

 In this regard, Water Supply Production-I has appointed Deputy Director Hadi Hussain Shah as incharge of the disconnection squad while Assistant Director Muhammad Idrees will assist him.

The issue remained ignored for decades, however, the management decided to resolve the issue once for all and ordered a probe into the matter to fix the responsibility of theft of water from the main supply line of Simly Dam, said a press release. Simly Dam Deputy Director Adnan Younas was appointed as inquiry officer and he was directed to conduct a detailed physical inspection of the main supply line and point out the names of the responsible who were directly or indirectly involved in water theft.  In the light of detailed report of the inquiry officer, six officials were held directly or indirectly responsible for water theft from the main water supply line. The services of these officials were placed under suspension in the last week of April.

After that, disciplinary proceedings were started against these officials. Consequently, disciplinary proceedings against these employees are also in process and charge sheets/statements of allegations have been served to the officials, the officials said. CDA and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad have taken number of steps to upgrade and revamp water supply system in the city.

 In this context not only sufficient funds were released but administratively corrective steps were also taken to resolve the issue once for all.