It is painful to say that Pakistan is included in the list of developing countries where cancer is becoming a serious issue amongst children. Its might is increasing day by day. Due to poor cancer awareness, inability to afford treatment and a dearth of trained personnel, many children are losing their lives at the hands of cancer and other fatal diseases. Nearly 70 million children under the age of 15 are reported to suffer from cancer. The humanitarian organisations claim that 6000 children are being diagnosed every year. Unfortunately, a large majority of these patients never get either proper diagnosis or treatment. 47 percent of diagnosis has been reported to occur in Karachi, with the remaining cases being seen across the country. The consumption of chalia gutka, chewed paan, cigarettes and sheesha are some of the major reasons for this epidemic. I request the government to ban the consumption of these harmful products and develop health facilities by increasing the number of hospitals and trained personnel who can help the cancer patients combat death. 


Turbat, May 14.