A Russian woman has been cleared of the charge of putting the lives of two other women at risk during a road rage incident, reported Khaleej Times Tuesday.

The Court of First Instance, however, sentenced the 47-year-old accused to three months in jail and deportation for using her friend's driving license during police interrogation and committing an indecent act in public by flashing her middle finger.

According to public prosecution records, she drove recklessly on May 24, 2016, in Palm Jumeirah and then blocked the road to assault the driver of the other vehicle and made an indecent act in public.

The complainant, a 41-year-old American training coach, said she was driving her car and her friend was with her around 9pm in Palm Jumeirah.

"The accused was changing lanes constantly in a way that would confuse other drivers. At one point, she swerved in front of me and blocked my way then overtook me and drove in front of me while applying the brakes suddenly several times to provoke me. She then stopped her car blocking my way."

The complainant added the accused stepped off and came to her while verbally abusing her. "She assaulted me and flashed her middle finger. A woman, who was with the defendant, came and said she was sorry for her behaviour and that the accused was drunk."

The defendant admitted during public prosecution investigation that she showed the police her friend's driving license, impersonating her, and that she lied about her name as she had a criminal record.

The woman, whose driving license was unlawfully used by the defendant, said the latter had earlier stolen it from her. She came to know about the defendant's using it only when a traffic ticket worth Dh400 was issued in her name for blocking traffic in Palm Jumeirah.

The court ruling may be appealed.