Islamabad - The Establishment Division (ED) has sent a list of officers to different departments for getting their security clearance ahead of their promotions by the Central Selection Board (CSB).

The CSB meeting regarding promotions of officers from grade-19 to grade-20 and grade-20 to grade-21 will be held by the end of this month, The Nation has learnt.

Well-placed sources said that the ED has sent names of officers on the promotion list to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to check their track record. The sources said that the ED has forwarded the list of the officers to all the three departments with directives to give their feedback regarding the officers’ reputation after becoming part of the Civil Services of Pakistan.

The Supreme Court has also ordered the federal government to hold the CSB meeting and review cases of those officers who could not be promoted to the next grade in 2015 due to a controversial board meeting. The next CSB meeting would review the promotion cases of grade-19 and grade-20 officers of different services groups. 

According to a letter available with The Nation, in pursuance of the Supreme Court’s order of April 13, 2017, the Establishment Division is convincing a meeting of CSB shortly to consider promotion cases of BS-20 officers of Police Service of Pakistan to BS-21. Accordingly, an additional tentative panel of thirty fresh PSP/BS-20 officers, in order of seniority, has been drawn.

It was further revealed that the ED says the NAB and the NRO beneficiary status of the officers, who are to be considered for promotion to higher grades in the said meeting, is one of the most important requirements.

It further said “in view of above 30 PSP/BS-20 officers is forwarded to the National Accountability Bureau with the request to convey if any of them have availed some benefit under NRO or otherwise. Details of punishments under NAB Ordinance, if any awarded to the officers on a panel during the entire career (B-17 to present grade) may also be intimated”.

It also said “the matter is of most urgent nature. Therefore, the said information may please be supplied on a priority basis”.

Talking to The Nation, a senior official of the ED said that the working on the next CSB is under process and the meeting would be held after getting into consideration the response of different departments regarding the officers’ reputation. He said that the ED will follow the new promotion formula in the light of the Supreme Court order.