One of the accused of recent London attack had already been featured in a British television documentary on Islamic radicalization in UK named ‘The Jihadis Next Door’.

Earlier, Khurram Butt was named as one of the attackers in which seven people were killed in Central London.

Butt can be seen in the documentary praying with a far-right Islamic group at Regents Park and having a clash with local police.

According to Washington Post report, Butt was a sociable man with a ‘dark side’. Many of his neighbors stated that he used to invite his male friends to his house for Barbecue parties. He was also regular visitor of local gym and swimming pool.

He was Arsenal football club fan and was wearing the shirt of the club at time of attack.

According to police, Khurram Butt was on the list of authorities and MI5 but was considered as ‘low priority’. Police had not any evidence that he is planning for the attack.

Butt was born in Pakistan in 1990 but his family moved to England right after his birth.

He was a British citizen and was married with two children.