ISLAMABAD - Condemning the London terror attacks in the harshest terms the Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) said that they stand with the government and people of the United Kingdom in this hour of grief.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the PUC chief and member of Pakistan Ideology Council Sahibzada Zahid Mahmood Qasmi said that the target of London attacks was to disrupt global peace. He urged the people across the globe to stand united to defeat the menace of terrorism, which had acquired global dimensions.

Qasmi further said that Muslims throughout the world were not only grieved at the London attacks but were standing with the people of the UK in this hour of grief.

The PUC chairman stressed the need for united efforts against the menace adding that those killing innocent people had no faith or religion as they were enemies of humanity.  He said that Islam was a religion of peace, love and tolerance, and those using the name of Islam for their ugly acts were actually the enemies of Islam.

Qasmi said that Islam considered killing of a single innocent person as killing of the whole humanity.