MULTAN - President MMA Punjab Mian Maqsood Ahmad has said that delay in elections is unacceptable and holding free, fair and transparent election is constitutional obligation of the caretaker government.

Talking to the media here on Tuesday, he declared that election and democratic process is the only method for change in regime and leadership. He asked voters to vote for eligible and honest candidate to make the country strong and prosperous. He claimed that the upcoming MMA public meeting on June 29 would create a new history in South Punjab.

He said that today politicians, judiciary, election commission and caretaker government were on same page and unseen hands should refrain from sabotaging election process. “If they delay election, it will create a serious problem in the country,” he added. He said that all past governments caused increase in poverty and unemployment, adding that price hike buried common man alive. He said that the time had come to get rid of occupation of opportunists and capitalists.

Citing examples of Turkey and Malaysia, he said that real and sustainable change used to come through ideology and honest leadership. He added that it was only MMA that could thwart cultural onslaught launched by the western and Jewish powers.

Answering a question, he said that the JI supported the idea of creation of new provinces on administrative grounds. “If MMA comes into power, we’ll create South Punjab and other provinces,” he added. He said that the country was faced with serious water shortage and Kala Bagh, Bhasha, Munda and all other dams should be constructed forthwith. He said that India blocked Pakistan’s water but the rulers exhibited criminal silence on Indian water aggression. He said that Indian occupation forces broke all records of barbarianism in occupied Kashmir but all flag bearers of humanity including UNO kept mum. He warned that India was committing genocide of Kashmiris.

PFA RAIDS: The food safety teams of Punjab Food Authority carried out surprise raids in entire South Punjab region on Tuesday and sealed two ice cream units, two dairy units and three food points besides imposing fine worth over Rs133,000 on many others for poor sanitation and use of substandard items.

The teams sealed Al-Haram Ice Cream Unit, Johny Drink Corner and Pan Shop and Mumtaz Sweets in Multan, Rana Nadeem Dairy and Al-Aqib Dairy, Khaibar Dairy and Saim Foods in Dera Ghazi Khan. Similarly, the teams imposed fine worth Rs43,000 on different food outlets in Multan and Rs90,000 in Dera Ghazi khan for poor sanitation, presence of insects in manufacturing area, absence of medical certificates of workers.