With the rise of heatstroke in summer ,it resulted in the rise of loadshedding in Karachi and many parts of the country. The people are confronting many obstacles in the summer. There is a lack of water in summer as well. This onging heat stroke along the rise in load shedding also become the cause of many deaths.

Recently, four devotees of Lal Shahbaz Qalander have been the victims of heat stroke as the mercury rose to 50 degree Celsius.

While it is reported that 12 other were taking onging treatment in the Shed Abdullah Shah Institute of Medical sciences because of heat stroke in different parts of Karachi.

The devotees confronted a 10 or 11 hours of loadshedding in the Sehwan at Lal Shahbaz Qalander shrine and they are living in tents to celebrate the Qalander Urs. One of the devotees also added that he had paid Rs. 50,000 as bribe to the Hesco for providing power to their tents in the western part of the town but in vain. The loadshedding in the celebration of Urs is made it difficult to sit or reside in the tents for the devotees. The onging loadshedding also resulted the lackage of water.

This is a request to the HESCO to provide loadshedding if not throughout Karachi but to those devotees so that they can worship comfortably .


Turbat, May 7.