In the past Imran Khan has been overly sympathetic towards the Taliban, repeatedly ingratiating himself to them. It was only after the APS Massacre that he reluctantly stopped advocacy in favor of the TTP, whose unofficial mainstream mouthpiece and apologist he had become. Then he gave Rupees 300 million of public money, to the seminary run by maulana Sami ul Haq, who later joined his political party in an electoral alliance with PTI. My question is what pound of flesh will Maulana Sami extract from a willing Imran Khan after the general election should Imran Khan become PM? Imran Khan has long since left his college days at Oxford, where he was part of the college cricket team, and long after, a playboy, behind him. He had an out of wedlock child with Sita White. 

Could Maulana Sami and Imran Khan implement the Talibanization of Pakistan after PK Army has defeated the TTP on the battlefield at much cost of blood and treasure? Such regressive 

measures like a mandatory hijab (Imran Khan’s own pirni-wife remains fully welded) for all women in Pakistan, or niqab for all required by law, and locking up all the women in the chador and chaar divari (translation: Burqa and four walls) of the house are probably what Maulana Sami ul Haq wants, along with religious police implementing a ban on all displays of female flesh and make up. In addition women might be required to have a male mehram before leaving the house or require male permission i.e from male guardians in their houses in order to travel abroad. Also higher educational institutions might no longer be co-ed. And women might be banned from working alongside men in offices. I want these questions answered by Imran Khan right now before the elections. 

Voters have a right to know where he stands on these issues given his track record. 

Never forget Maulana Sami is the grandfather of the Taliban, who are mostly all graduates of his seminary. And we all know how the Taliban ruled Afghanistan. The Taliban are enemies of human freedom. They believe in religious totalitarianism. Already thanks to legislation passed by Zia, Pakistan is a semi-totalitarian state. The only difference between totalitarianism and today’s Pakistan is a Free Press. 

But even that press cannot address religious matters freely. The Christ followers in Pakistan are gagged from preaching their beliefs to Muslims, but Muslims are not gagged from preaching to Christ followers, in Pakistan. Yet all are so-called ‘equal’ citizens. 

Tailpiece: The Jews and Christians are both awaiting a Messiah for over 2017 years. The Christ followers expect Jesus Christ to return. His name is not MGA of Qadian, because he did not fulfill the Biblical prophecies. 


USA, May 8.