What is that you want? Name that. And then write the reason, why do you want it? What additional changes will occur if you get it and what will you lose if you don’t get it and finally, were you born to die for it? There are so many things that we want in life; to whatever number they are we seem to be just putting ourselves into sound making machines than working to get them. Although, there’s nothing wrong in wanting, also there’s no error in that what you want. However, there’s just this one thing though that is the biggest obstacle; and it is You.

Think through this, when you want something, blunder number one, you are the first permitting your mind to place down all the negative consequences instead of just being positive. Blunder number two, you start to use the “what If” such as what if this or that happens, what if it goes this way and that goes the other way and blah blah blah. And the blunder number three, you spend a long time in a war with your fear whether you should work to get what you want or leave it; which in case leaving is worth putting yourself under great guilt. Let me remind you that there’s nothing in the world you cannot have, if there’s willingness and a fearless heart. Because when you are willing and have no fear, your desire makes you act upon it and work for it, not just sit and suffer. So, here we see a lot of people having many desires, but none of their desires make them act; they just make sound of it like “I want this and I want that". Not knowing what actually they mean by saying what they want and what they can do to get it.

When you truly want something then the only thing you care is that you don’t care what it is and what it will be the only thing you know and care is “What I want is mine, it belongs to me, that’s all I care". But here is the fact; we constantly see people telling they want so many things, but in reality that’s more of a drama created world within tied with external desires.

If you desire, it’s worth being positive and letting that desire take origin and be a shining seed in you. And remember once this seed raises you got to go for it; otherwise it will run through you progressions of stress, anxiety and depression.

Being careless is very much essential when you want something; careless to any penalties that come, careless to whatever happens, happens. When you become careless, you just create your mind-set. When your mind- is set then there’s nothing that is going to unsettle you from your desire and even the Universe will bring upon the manifestation.

Moreover, if a desire doesn’t make you think about it all the time and at some scope be gripped with it is not the right desire. Have you seen a cat losing her children? Have you seen a dog finding his mother? Have you seen a bird gone crazy in search for her lost nest? Look at that, that’s the right wanting, that’s the situation where the mind is made, the mind writes it with one sentence, “It’s mine". And now what you want is yours, as long as you have the right desire.

Your mind listens thoughtfully to your desires, but it rests on the desire too. It’s all about the value you give to it. When one is in love for instance, one values the other in a way that she/he forgets the ethics of the world and lines up her/himself with one purpose which is, “If I don’t get her/him then my world is nothing or dead.” See, how powerful a desire is, and that desire known as love is well thought-out the uppermost and resilient which leaves not a single thought to persist its rule. One desire versus billions of thoughts and still a desire is way more powerful than the billion thoughts and it’s all because thoughts are rational and they have little connection with your subconscious mind but a desire once perceived is unified with the subconscious mind and subconscious mind is the creator of your life.

Most importantly, desire is also the ultimate reason of people’s problems and sufferings. Whatever problem people have today to most degree is only because of desires. These days desire is taking a risk, taking a risk means putting yourself under fire for as long as you are cooked enough. People today have so many desires and with their so many desires they suffer from lack of pleasure and may blame that they don’t have anything and their lives are not enough which is another way to rise more desires of being better and when they don’t get better they again accuse the world and when accusation happens they again desire to be better and this drama seems to be never-ending or rather fixed in twist.

Finally, desire is both hazardous and risky. But having too many desires is not good, like too much sugar is not good. Remember, the right desire is always in need and it’s not a time pass or an activity. Want is ordinary but need is extraordinary. Want is what happens to be just a common desire but need is a desire that is so powerful that your whole mind puffs against it.