ISLAMABAD             -        At least 27 social media accounts have been identified that contained fake news about the death of former President Asif Ali Zardari, former Interior Minister Rehman Malik said yesterday.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has submitted the initial report on a suo-moto notice regarding fake videos about death Zardari to Senator Malik, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior. The PTA informed that a total of 27 social media accounts containing fake news regarding death of Asif Ali Zardari were identified and processed for blocking and a report in this regard had been forwarded to Federal Investigation Agency for further action.

On May 20, 2020 Senator Malik has urged that FIA and PTA to immediately investigate the operators of account on social media who have uploaded fake videos and spreading fake news and making propaganda against former President of Pakistan and action should be taken against them under Cyber Crime Law.

He said that “all those who are spreading fake news on social media shall be held responsible under cyber crime law.“

Separately, Senator Malik has taken suo moto on the law and order in the country emerging because of the shortage of petroleum products in the country and has directed Secretary Interior to initiate an enquiry by Federal Investigation Agency to find motives behind these crises.

The FIA has been directed to inquire why the ships were not allowed to offload by the Director General Oil.

He has directed Secretary Interior to submit a report to the committee in this regard in consultation with Pakistan State Oil.