Rahim Yar Khan           -      Flour Mills Association Punjab President Chaudhry Abdul Rauf Mukhtar has said that if the government  does not immediately import one million tonnes of wheat from abroad, the wheat and flour crisis in the country could intensify.

Talking exclusively  with the Nation on friday, he said that due to inconsistent policies of the Food Department, for the first time in the history of the country, the price of wheat in the month of June are 1,750.Rs 40 per kg, which has led to an increase in the price of a 20 kg bag of flour to Rs 150, which is raising fears of further increase, so the Punjab Food Department should immediately start issuing wheat on cheap rates so that price of flour come down. He said that the government should abolish all import duties and taxes levied on wheat imports for the private sector so that domestic wheat prices could be reduced in the country, he said, ,adding, that the federal government has allowed  five lakh ton ton wheat import to the private sector from abroad.

He said that the import of wheat should be increased to one million tonnes so that the trend of reduction in wheat prices could be seen due to improved supply of wheat in the country.

He appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar to  withdraw FIRs against flour mill owners which were lodged during wheat procurement so that a positive working relationship can be established between the government and the business community.