Medical experts are of the opinion that the concept of ‘Herd Immunity’ can prove to be disastrous. Therefore, such an approach should be discouraged at all costs. The sudden ease of the lockdown despite the unprecedented rise in the rate of infections was in itself a perilous decision, especially without having an effective strategy to ensure that standard operating procedures (SOPs) would be followed.

With the ease, the government stated that it is the responsibility of the people to abide by the SOPs laid down. There has been, however, a complete disregard to follow the SOPs, with violations occurring across the country, and the government further easing the lockdown despite this.

It is thus apparent that the government is maintaining faith in the concept of herd immunity. As such, it should be noted that this approach can very well prove to be catastrophic since it has the potential to overwhelm the country’s already compromised healthcare facilities. Furthermore, it can possibly lead to an unprecedented number of deaths across the country.

Ideally, it will take a concerted effort by the entire population, with some level of continued physical distancing for an extended period – perhaps a year or longer – before a highly effective vaccine can be developed, tested and mass-produced.