PESHAWAR   -         Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and Chief Secretary Dr. Kazim Niaz have issued instructions in the light of the decisions of the National Coordination Committee (NCC) for imple­mentation of SOPs to control the spread of coronavirus in the province.

As per the KP govern­ment’s instructions for mar­kets, shops, bus stands, pub­lic transport, industrial units and for the general public, the administrations of various districts of the province have taken steps to ensure imple­mentation of SOPs.

The district administra­tions of the province have sealed shops, plazas and var­ious businesses in differ­ent districts of the province where SOPs were not being implemented and fines were also been imposed.

According to details, the administrations of different districts across the province have so far inspected 10903 shops out of which 3894 shops have been found as per SOPs, 2981 shops have been issued warnings, 2751 shops have been fined for violation of SOPs, also 490 shops have been sealed for violation.

Similarly, out of 454 mar­kets, 14 markets have been fined for violation of SOPs while 35 markets have been sealed. Furthermore, Out of 149 bus stands, 8 have been fined for violating SOPs while 16 bus stands have been sealed.

Similarly, 3510 public transport vehicles have been inspected out of which 198 vehicles have been fined for violating SOPs while 82 vehi­cles have been banned.

In addition, the districts district administrations have inspected 5575 industri­al units across the province where 15 industrial units have been fined for violating the guidelines issued by the government while 37 indus­trial units have been sealed.

Similarly, 11684 public places have also been inspect­ed where 488 persons have been fined for violating SOPs. The administrations have also inspected 736 petrol pumps in different districts of the province where 79 petrol pumps have been fined for vi­olating SOPs while 46 Petrol Pumps have been sealed.

According to reports, so far the administrations of dif­ferent districts in the prov­ince have conducted a total of 33,001 inspections where a total of 3,553 businesses have been fined and 811 business­es have been sealed.

Similarly, due to the fall in prices of petroleum products, the district administrations across the province have taken a stern action against those pet­rol pumps involved in creating an artificial petrol crisis, while several petrol pumps have been also sealed for artificial crisis of petroleum products.

The provincial cabinet ap­preciated the steps taken by the government and is­sued instructions to en­sure implementation of SOPs and take stern ac­tion against the viola­tors.

TIMERGARA: Tehsil­dar Timergara Amjad Khan visited Timergara bazaar yesterday and im­posed Rs 4000 fine on 16 drivers of passenger vehi­cles, two barbers, bakers and six shopkeepers for not observing the SOPs to prevent coronavirus while compliant against the remaining was sent to SHO Timergara police station for legal action.

Meanwhile, additional assistant commissioner (AAC) Timergara Adnan Khan inspected various petrol pumps