ISLAMABAD - Despite availability of enough Petrol and HSD stock in the country, the Petroleum Division and OGRA have failed to en­sure its availability at the petrol pumps.

The government and the reg­ulator, instead of taking a stern action against the OMC/oil deal­ers, still seems to be heavily re­lying on warnings and advices.

The Petroleum Division Fri­day said that it will take a strict action including the cancella­tion of licenses of the oil com­panies involved in the profi­teering.

It is worth to mention here that since the reduction of pe­troleum prices in May the coun­try was first struck by the High Speed Diesel crisis and now for the last one week there were complaints of petrol shortage across the country. Since Mon­day night, petrol pumps in some parts of the country had dried up and the pumps with the petrol stocks witnessed long queues of vehicles.

It is worth to mention here that none of the OMCs except PSO is maintaining the requisite 20-day stocks but no action has been taken against any of the OMC so far.

The spokesman of the Petro­leum Division said that it is cog­nizant of the artificial shortage of POL products that is being created in the country by some OMCs and Petrol Dealers.

Petroleum Division emphat­ically stated that there is a suf­ficient quantity of petrol stocks in the country. Additional pro­duction by refineries as well as planned imports is on schedule to meet the monthly needs.

It is unfortunate that some OMCs and/or their dealers have resorted to such methods for profit maximization that is causing shortages for the gener­al public.

However, appropriate actions are being taken jointly by Petro­leum Division, Oil & Gas Regu­latory Authority, Competition Commission of Pakistan and all relevant stakeholders, includ­ing the Provincial Governments proactively normalize the situa­tion.

The spokesman said that Pe­troleum Division is in contact with all OMCs and most OMCs do not have any major shortag­es. Shell and Total Parco are low on stocks but their addition­al imports are arriving on 8-10 June after which their stocks will also be replenished.

The Petroleum Division urg­es the Public at large and pet­rol dealers to not engage in pan­ic buying.