ISLAMABAD          -       Senior leader of ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Jahangir Khan Tareen, who came to limelight for his alleged role in the sugar crisis in the country, on Friday, said his recent trip to the UK was only for his medical check-up.

There are some widespread speculations that Tareen left for the country to save his skin before the start of government’s punitive action on the findings of the report of Sugar Inquiry Commission that implicated PTI leader and other leading political figures and businessmen in sugar scam.

Tareen said that his dissenters should not speculate about his visit to UK and there was nothing to worry about. He said that he was seeing media speculating about his trip abroad.

Tareen, once a close aide to Prime Minister Imran Khan, took to the Twitter and said that speculators should not be worried as he had left for UK for his routine medical check-up. “Since I recovered from my illness in 2014, I have to have regular biannual checkups with my doctors in the UK,” he said. He added that he would be back as soon he would get a clean bill of health.

However, independent analysts and political observers are surprised over the visit of PTI leader to UK at a time when normal international flights have not resumed due to COVID-19 outbreak across the world and even UK is among the countries hit worst by deadly coronavirus.

Jahangir Khan Tareen jetted off to United Kingdom through a special aircraft from New Islamabad International Airport (NIIAP) on Friday.

The PTI stalwart JKT was also accompanied by his son Ali Tareen in the special aircraft that arrived from Moscow (Russia) to Islamabad, sources said.

Sources said the special aircraft arrived at NIIAP at 10:35am from Moscow (Russia) as a ferry with 2 crew members. They added Jahangir Khan Tareen was already present at the airport, while his son Ali Tareen reached from Lahore to Islamabad through a special flight to travel to UK along with his father.

Sources disclosed that the medical experts of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority examined the two crews, Jahangir Khan Tareen and his son Ali Tareen and found no symptoms of coronavirus. After medical examination of the four persons, the PCAA allowed them to board in the aircraft. Sources said the special aircraft (flight VJT-827) departed for UK at 12:15pm.

In a bid to put a barrage against the flood of criticism about escape of JKT from Pakistan on social media, the PTI former big wheel Jahangir Khan Tareen wrote on his social media handler, “Seeing media speculating about my trip to UK. Nothing to worry about. Since I recovered from my illness in 2014, I have to have regular biannual checkups with my doctors in UK. InshahAllah will get a clean bill of health and be back soon,”

However, tens of hundreds of social media users commented that Jahangir Khan Tareen along with his son have fled from Pakistan to save his skin from the legal action against him over his alleged involvement in sugar scam.