KARACHI - Sindh Government College Principals Association President Prof Saeeduz Zafar has termed that the decision to end the rebate comprising 75 percent from the salaries of the government college principals as unjust and against the interest of the college education. In the ongoing year, 2010, the maximum senior teachers, awaiting promotion from 19 to 20 grades since many years, will be retired, while the Sindh government is not interested to hold the meeting of Provincial Selection Board One (PSB-1) before March 31, 2010, to get any decision to promote them, he said, while talking to TheNation on Friday. He said that if the PSB-1 meeting was not called by Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah prior to of 31st March, 2010, then one year could further be wasted, as the previous Annual Confidential Report (ACR) for 2008 is valid up to 31st March; after the end of the said time limit new ACR for 2009 will be required to give promotion. He said, We are trying to convince higher authority to hold PSB-1 meeting as soon as possible because in 2010 nearly 40 teachers are going to be retired, the said figure is too huge. If the chief minister holds PSB-1 meeting before the said time limit, around 86, including 52 males and 34 female associate professors, can be promoted to 20 grades. But it seems difficult; however a list of 200 teachers has already been given to the authority concerned. He stressed the need for carrying out the promotion process every year, and said that several teachers had been retired from their jobs but they did not get their due promotion. He said that the governments decision to end the rebate from the salaries of the government college principals is unjustified. Around Rs 10,000 rupees will be deducted from salaries of principals, he said that added that the decision goes against the interest of the college education. Senior Leader of Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) Prof Ather Hussain, commenting on the issue, said that since 2003 around 600 teachers had been retired before getting their due promotion. He added that recently five teachers retired from their job. He said that the delay in the promotion from the government side showed that the education was not in the priority of the present government. Meanwhile, Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister Waqar Mehdi while talking to TheNation said that the Provincial Selection Board One (PSB-1) is likely to be held in coming week. He said that not only teachers but also other officials belonging to different departments would be given promotions in the meeting. The PSB-1 meeting must be held before 31st March, 2010, he added.