Among the foreigners killed in the Kabul blast on Friday, a majority was of Indian nationals that were staying in Arya Hotel in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Two officers of the Indian Army, one Major Laisharam Jayotin Singh and the other Major Deepak Yadev, were also among the six that were killed. The much-too-obvious Indian presence from this casualty list is already raising serious reservations in both Pakistan and the international community. Questions are raised about Indias rationale for sending army personnel to Afghanistan. Despite efforts by Washington to bring stability to the region by increasing transparency in the Indian policy towards Afghanistan and minimizing its involvement in Afghanistans affairs, Indias presence and participation has gained momentum. According to Indian spokesman Vishnu Prakash, the killings would not affect relations between India and Afghanistan and our ties are strong and deep with Afghanistan and will remain so. One wonders what exactly is the nature of relationship between these two countries which have no common borders and little else that could be termed, well, common? What consequences would this newfound 'commonality bring to bear on the neighboring countries and how would it influence the already shaky and fractured balance of the region? -LUBNA UMAR, Islamabad, March 4.