ISLAMABAD Federal Directorate of Education has barred the heads of schools and colleges from proceeding to political personalities to get resolved the various issues pertaining to their educational institutions. It has been learnt that the representatives of a principals body had gone to meet Advisor to PM on Education Sardar Aseff Ahmed Ali to apprise him about their issues but he declined to meet him and instead letters were delivered to the heads of all the schools and colleges for observing new instructions. The letter says, It has been observed with grave concern that a number of teaching and non-teaching staff serving in Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEIs)/Islamabad Model Colleges (IMCs) are using political influence by approaching higher authorities directly in contradiction to set official procedure. According to Government Servants (Conduct) Rules, 1964, no government servant shall, directly or indirectly, approach any member of the National Assembly or a Provincial Assembly or any other non-official person to intervene on his behalf in any matter. The letter has also warned with severe action for contravening the rules saying, The competent authority has taken a serious notice of such practice and has directed that henceforth all officers/officers (indulging in such practice) be dealt with strictly and action be taken against them under rules. The representatives of the schools and colleges informed that they had tried earlier twice to meet the Adviser but in vain and they have been issued letters for not following proper procedure and bypassing the Director General of FDE. Its pertinent to mention here that the principals of schools and colleges are perturbed over the frequent changes of DGs at FDE. They have been demanding the appointment of permanent DG, removal of four 18-grade directors from FDE, introduction of new service structure, provision of funds for hiring accommodation and provision of facilities and grades to the FG teachers on the pattern of Model Colleges staff. The employees of schools and colleges have also announced a protest movement and boycott of annual exams if their demands are not met within 15 days. The Chairperson of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) and Acting Director General of FDE when contacted said, The ministry has issued this letter and rules and regulations should be followed by all the officials. Even I cannot meet the minister without the consent of secretary.