ISLAMABAD - Zahid Maqbool, President, Islam-abad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) said on Friday that despite an agrarian country, Pakistan was spending big amounts on the import of wheat, sugar, edible oil and other value added food items, which were increasing the trade deficit of the country. He said this while chairing a meeting of ICCI Sub-Committee on Food and Agriculture. He said Insufficient grain storage capacity is currently a big problem due to which farmers have suffer a lot and Government should take urgent measures to improve storage capacity in the country for wheat, rice and other crops. He said Government should ensure timely procurement of wheat from the farmers as they didnt have sufficient wheat storage facility and any delay in procurement process could throw farmers in deep troubles. He said Pakistan has become quite vulnerable to acute water shortage problems due to long dry spell and less rains creating new threats to agricultural productivity and Government should take urgent remedial measures to ensure food security of the country. According to a conservative estimate, Pakistans population would increase to 250 million by 2050 with an annual population growth of 1.6 percent a year, he added. He said Government should construct more small dams and improve irrigation system, ensure consistent energy supply and all inputs to farmers at affordable prices and facilitate them in getting access to urban markets.