LAHORE The match-fixing slur on Kamran Akmal and Rana Naved might just be a conspiracy to discredit them by some of their own fellow players, says former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram. Wasim, who left for India to take over as a bowling consultant for Indian Premier League team Kolkata Knight Riders, told reporters before his departure that he was shocked to read reports that Akmal and Naved were under investigation by the Pakistan Cricket Board for match-fixing. I know this is not true because these players are not involved in this menace at all. There has always been a conspiracy to link our players to this scandal to spoil the image of Pakistan cricket which is sad, he quoted as saying. Wasim said it was also sad that some players were also behind this move to discredit other players and drag them into the match-fixing scandal. I can sense this is happening which is really disappointing because the players need to support each other, he added. The former captain said it was a tragedy that for years accusations were made at the Pakistani players without any evidence to back them up. In any other country no one can make such accusations and not face legal complications but in Pakistan it happens regularly and it disturbs our players a lot, he said. However, A Pakistan Cricket Board inquiry committee has recommended hefty fines on senior players Kamran Akmal and Shahid Afridi for breach of conduct during the teams disastrous tour of Australia. Sources close to the inquiry committee, constituted by the Pakistan Cricket Board to probe into the teams poor performance in Australia, said that fines were recommended for Akmal and Afridi for violating players code of conduct in Australia and spoiling Pakistan crickets image. The recommendations are for hefty fines on both players but PCB chairman Ijaz Butt has the authority to revise the recommended fine amount or even decide against imposing the fines, reports said. The probe panel, headed by PCB chief operating officer Wasim Bari, recommended fine on Afridi for his bizarre ball-tampering incident in the Perth ODI while found Akmal guilty of other breaches of discipline. Reports said besides the fine, the committee had also made recommendations like making it binding on every player to declare his total assets annually and get PCB clearance before they can talk to media. The (proposed) clause (in players central contract) also makes it clear that no player is allowed to speak on policy decisions of the board, a report quoted a source said. PCB legal advisor Tafazzul Rizvi, who is a member of the inquiry committee, confirmed that the Chairman would have the final say in all matters. The committee has finalised and submitted its report and made all recommendations unanimously but the Chairman can decide to accept all recommendations or turn down some of them, Rizvi said. He said since the inquiry committee report was a confidential document, he could not reveal its details but could confirm that the committee had tried to be fair in his recommendations. We have made recommendations which we feel are fair and just in the circumstances. Now the Chairman will decide what to do, he said. The Pakistan board said in a statement on Wednesday that the inquiry committee report was under internal deliberation at the moment and the board would make its finding public in the next few days.