ISLAMABAD (APP) National Assembly Standing Committee on Social Welfare and Special Education would take up the issue of working of Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and children in jails in the upcoming standing committee meeting to be held on March 9. Talking to APP Chairperson NA Standing Committee on Social Welfare and Special Education Rubina Qaim Khawani said that more than half NGOs are fake and not producing any productive results, adding, only 30% NGOs are working sincerely and committed for the welfare and well being of the deprived segments of society. She said that representatives from four provinces would be invited to develop a consensus for protecting the future of the children who came to jail with their convicted mothers and are forced to spend their childhood in jail with them. These children cannot be brought up in healthy atmosphere and learn criminal activities at jail. It is responsibility of the government to develop a policy through which speedy justice would be provided to them so that they could not learn criminal practices. She also pointed out that addicted persons are another important issue which needs attention. The chairperson said that persons with disabilities have the zeal to spend a respectable life but addicted persons have no commitment and aim in their lives. She stressed that these persons would be treated properly and should be provided adequate counseling which help them to inculcate positive response towards life. She lauded the role of Pakistan Bait ul Maal (PBM) and said that this government has taken concrete steps for the welfare of the people but still there is a need to focus on children rights and issues as they are the future of the country. She also informed that PBM was facing financial constraints as its budget was reduced from Rs. seven billion to Rs. one billion due to Banazir Income Support Program but in recognition of their outstanding performance the finance ministry has insured that their budget would be increased to 3.5 billion during the current fiscal year. Chairperson NA Standing Committee said that women of Pakistan are well aware of their rights but it is time to stand united and fight for protection of their rights. She added that half of the population of the country was comprised on women and after passing 62 years of independence womens rights are still violated on the name of Karo Kari, honour killing and are being tortured. Rubina Qaim Khawani said that passing of women protection bill from both the houses is great achievement of the government but without implementation these laws are worthless. She said that now women are rendering services in almost every profession and their output is much better than their male colleagues due to their sincerity and commitment, adding, they have opportunities to utilize their potential for prosperity of the country. In her message on International Women Day she said that Banazir Bhutto fought for the rights of women and following her footsteps every women should raise voice against discrimination and protection of their rights.