LONDON (AFP) - Several hundred protesters rallied outside Britains parliament on Friday as anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders visited London to screen his controversial anti-Islam film. Demonstrators waved banners including one with a crossed-out swastika and the slogan racists not welcome as Wilders brought his film Fitna to the House of Lords. I am very wary of Wilders visit being hijacked for a racist agenda, said one 25-year-old protester from London, who did not want to give his name, as protesters blocked off a road outside parliament in central London. Blasphemer Wilders trip to London was hosted by Lord Malcolm Pearson, a member of parliaments upper House of Lords who invited him for the first abortive visit and the subsequent successful trip. Wilders party this week celebrated winning its first municipality - Almere, a city of nearly 190,000 people near Amsterdam - in a show of strength ahead of general elections in June. It is scary what happened in the elections in the Netherlands this week, said one protestor in London. But I am sure that anti-fascist activists across Europe are standing up to him and so he will not cross the room without a fight.