ISLAMABAD Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament (CRCP) on Friday sought the comments and views of the Federation of Pakistan on some crucial and technical points pertaining to provincial autonomy. Meanwhile the Committee continued its clause-wise review of the Constitution under the head of its Chairman Senator Mian Raza Rabbani. The sources privy to the deliberations of the Committee informed TheNation that the members of the Committee made it clear that they were not working under any deadline and the report of the Committees work would be presented before the Parliament for approval as and when it would be completed. The sources informed that in Fridays deliberations, it was agreed upon that provinces could get direct foreign loans but before getting this, the provinces have to get the formal approval from the Council of Common Interests. The sources further informed that the CRCP had also received proposals for electoral reforms from Election Commission of Pakistan and the same would be discussed in the upcoming session of the Committee. The sources in the Committee informed that keeping in view the persistent demand from the members of the Committee representing smaller provinces that except defence, foreign affairs, currency and communication, the rest of the subjects should be given in the hands of the provinces, the Committee had sought Federations point of view on some technical matters including demand of deletion of concurrent as well as federal legislative list from the Constitution. The sources informed that in one of the previous meetings of the Committee, the members from PML(N) and MQM had floated the idea of taking the Armed Forces of the country into confidence on the issues relating to provincial autonomy. Committee members representing Balochistan and NWFP demanded to make provinces politically, financially and administratively independent and also demanded deletion of concurrent as well as federal legislative list Part-1 from the Constitution. The Committee also reviewed recommendations of Election Commission regarding holding of elections and also agreed that the Government employees would not be terminated through illegal ways and means in future. Talking to media men after the Committee meeting, Mian Raza Rabbani said that he was surprised over the deadlines being given by Government functionaries of March 13, 18 and 23 with regard to completion of Committee work. We are doing our work and those have set deadlines are not part of Committee, he said. We are not under supervision of Government or any minister and Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament was constituted by Parliament and it is totally independent and sovereign in its mandate, he remarked. To a question, he said that the report of the Committee would be tabled before the Parliament as and when it would be completed.