ISLAMABAD Reprieve, a legal action charity that uses the law to enforce the human rights of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and the other secret prisoners is all set to launch a media campaign in Islamabad from 14 March against the illegal detention and disappearance of the missing persons. Reprieve is a group of international charities dedicated to assisting in the provision of effective legal representation and humanitarian assistance to impoverished people facing the death penalty at the hands of the state. The campaign would comprise diverse awareness raising activities including protests, seminars and discussions. The objective of the campaign is to raise voice in favour of the families of the Pakistani prisoners being held in secret detentions. Clive Stafford Smith, founder of the Reprieve, who has spent 25 years working on behalf of people facing injustice in the USA would lead the campaign while representatives of the Defence of Human Rights (DHR) and others civil society organisations would also partake in the media campaign. According to Reprieve lawyers, they have identified 15 Pakistani prisoners, who have been held in Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan for more than 5 years. None has seen a lawyer, none has been permitted his basic human rights, all have been badly mistreated. Now the Reprieve lawyers are in Pakistan to meet with family members and provide free legal assistance in bringing litigation in the US and to secure freedom for these men and the others, as yet unrecognised, Pakistani prisoners who are doubtless held there. It is to be mentioned here that Clive Stafford Smith, founder of the Reprieve would file case of disappearance and lawlessness of Masood Janjua in the American court after 14th of March.