ISLAMABAD Pakistani Security agencies have started investigations to find out whether the arrested Iranian terrorist Abdolmalek Rigi or his Jundallah outfit had connections with self-exiled Pakistani Baloch dissidents, who were allegedly involved in terrorism with aid of the Indian intelligence agencies. Well-placed security sources told TheNation on Friday that the probe had been launched after arrest of Rigi and his two other companions in a dramatic action, which was taken by the Iranian authorities on February 23. Since Rigi is believed to have been operating from Afghanistan. It has become imperative to find out whether he had any links with Pakistani dissident Bramdagh Bugti, who was allegedly involved in perpetrating terrorism in the country especially in Balochistan, informed sources said requesting anonymity. The Iranian Embassy in Islamabad has already bean closed on Friday, when approached to seek official version in the wake of Rigis interrogation being carried out by the Iranian authorities. Iranian authorities had claimed that Rigi and his outfit were allegedly involved in perpetrating terrorism in his own country. He was arrested with Afghan travelling documents along with his two aides from Arab and Central Asian region. The Iranian authorities were also quoted in the media as saying that prior to his arrest Rigi had visited Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan, where he met the US commanders. However, the US authorities had denied the charge. However, some media reports later suggested that Rigi also was also carrying a Pakistani national identity card but Pakistani authorities immediately reacted to these reports as saying that he might had secured a fake Pakistani identity card. The sources said that Pakistan had, for the first time, shared concrete evidence with the FBI Chief and Afghan Interior Minister over Indian involvement in perpetrating terrorism in Pakistan by using Afghan soil during the tripartite session that held recently in Islamabad. It has been further learnt that Pakistani security agencies would soon launch crackdown against the unregistered Afghan nation to check weather any of them carried Indian passports.