ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Friday underlined that dictators tarnished the consensus 1973 Constitution and added that Government was committed to reform it and the nation would hear a good news in this regard soon. The Prime Minister expressed these views in his first live Radio address to the nation on Friday. He said that the Government was striving to transform the country into a real Islamic, democratic and welfare state as envisioned by the poet and philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Founder of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Quaid-e-Awam Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Gilani said that all the targets set by the Government to address public problems and confronting challenges faced by the country had been achieved significantly with the cooperation of the people. He expressed the resolve to continue the forward march to take the country on the path of development. The Prime Minister said that the Government took difficult decisions but the time had proved that they were indispensable in the greater interest of the nation and the country. He said that in the wake of last general elections, the PPP formed coalition government in the Federation in pursuance of the philosophy of reconciliation given by Benazir Bhutto. He said, During the last two years, we not only made progress towards fulfilment of the promises made by the PPP in its manifesto, but also tried to resolve the issues it inherited. These problems include terrorism, price hike, unemployment, political confrontation, lack of confidence among the state institutions, energy crisis, food scarcity and unexpected occurrence of incidents in the neighbourhood, economic instability, industrial recession, poor law and order situation and lack of confidence among the masses, he added. He said that the PPP had always assumed power in difficult circumstances when the country was faced with multidimensional challenges but it took the responsibility with the resolve to serve the nation with devotion. He said after coming into power, the PPP-led government set out the priorities to confront the challenges including terrorism, law and order situation, eradication of unemployment and poverty, checking the price hike, improving the image of the country in the comity of nations and to end political confrontation and economic stability. He said the Government had been successful in its efforts to achieve these priority goals. The Prime Minister said that the personnel of Armed Forces and security agencies by rendering innumerable sacrifices had broken the back of terrorists who were distorting the image of Islam and the country. He paid rich tributes to the Armed forces and law enforcement agencies for their sacrifices in the war on terrorism, besides those who hosted the internally displaced persons of Swat, Malakand and Waziristan and relived the generosity of Ansar-e- Madina. He said after facing defeat in Swat and Malakand, these terrorists made their way to the settled areas of the country but people recognised their faces and time was not far off when we will purge our homeland of these elements. The Prime Minister said the acts of terrorism had adversely affected the economy of the country and poor law and order situation discouraged the investors, especially foreign investors who were shy of making investment in the prevailing circumstances. He said efforts were being made to put the economy on the right track. He said, No doubt this is a difficult time for us but with the cooperation and unity among the ranks of the nation, we will surmount the challenge. Referring to the steps taken by the Government for the welfare of the poor and disadvantaged segments of the society, the Prime Minister said the Government launched Benazir Income Support and Waseela-e-Haq programmes under which 70 billion rupees were being disbursed among the poor families through a transparent mechanism. He said a subsidy of three billion rupees was provided on the occasions of Eids and Ramzan-ul Mubarak through Utility Stores to offset the impact of price hike. Similarly, salaries and pensions of government employees were increased, besides enhancing the minimum wage of workers from four thousand six hundred rupees to six thousand rupees. Gilani said under the Benazir stock option scheme, five hundred thousand employees had been provided shares worth more than one hundred billion rupees in eighty government entities. To address the problem of unemployment, Gilani said the Government restored all the sacked employees of different departments and efforts were being made to create new opportunities for the youth, helping them to stand on their own feet. He said under the Prime Ministers internship programme, 43,000 youth had been provided jobs in different departments. Coming to the agriculture sector, he said due to Governments realistic strategy, the agriculture yield had enhanced substantially and currently we have sufficient stock of wheat and steps are being taken to overcome artificial shortage of sugar. He pointed out that farmers had been provided tractors on subsidy under the Benazir Tractor Scheme, besides disbursement of loans worth billions of rupees. These steps are helping to meet food shortage, he added. About the current water and power crises, he said the government was committed to resolve them on permanent basis and soon the people would see results of the measures taken by the Government in this regard. The Prime Minister said that cordial political environment was prevailing in the country and the opposition and the government were striving to resolve the problems faced by the country. We have transformed the environment of confrontation into reconciliation and harmony, he added. He said, All state institutions are working within their constitutional ambit and we are committed for the supremacy of the Constitution and the Parliament. He said everyone witnessed the restoration of deposed judges and the Government honoured Courts verdict vis-a-vis the appointment of judges in the superior courts. To promote national solidarity, the Prime Minister said the PPP government gave internal autonomy to Gilgit-Baltistan and introduced Aaghaz Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package for the welfare of the people of the province. He said the NWFP was given arrears of the net hydel profit and provided separate funds to the province for terrorism affected people. He said the recently announced consensus NFC Award was also one of the finest examples of the reconciliatory policy being pursued by the present Government. He said the dictators tarnished the consensus 1973 Constitution and the Government was committed to reform it and the nation would hear good news in this regard soon. He said, We always welcome the criticism of the media and the Opposition and take guidance from their viewpoints, but it should be in constructive manner. He said the PPP government would complete its tenure according to the mandate given by the people and in line with the democratic and constitutional requirements. He said after completing the tenure, the PPP would go to the people again and accept their verdict as they were fully authorised to hold accountable.