Apparently the Afghan government is following the Indian model of conspiracy theories which readily determines Pakistans complicity in every act of terror, no matter where it happens. I said Deja Vu as I read that the Afghan intelligence agencies are blaming last weeks series of attacks on foreigners in Kabul on the Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba. And this, despite a claim by the local Afghan Taliban of having administered the attacks? The Afghan Taliban who had initially claimed full responsibility (or credit) of the Kabul violence that killed many Indian nationals are absolved of responsibility by Saeed Ansari, a spokesman for Afghanistans intelligence service. Mr Ansari said his agency had evidence that Pakistanis, specifically affiliates of Lashkar-e-Toiba, were involved in the attacks and that one of the attackers was also heard speaking Urdu. I s it coincidental or a 'not very well organized act aimed at keeping possibilities of peace at bay that, meanwhile, the Indian Air Force has held an exercise on its Pakistan border. See that together with the blatant Afghan accusations and all hopes of peace of more than a billion people of the region are dashed to ground. May be these incidents were simply aimed at destabilizing the frail and already fledgling peace process that had just spread its wings. The 'Aman ki Asha seems a chimera because contradictions keep surfacing, forcing one to suspect Indias motives in commencing this long-aborted dialogue with Pakistan. Americas puppet regime in Kabul is also evidently very beholden to India, the permanent, long-term friend of America in the region. It follows the Indian footsteps, toe to heel, in blaming Pakistan in all things beginning with a T and having a lot of RRRs in it. But despite a barrage of allegations about the terror attacks in Mumbai, India failed to provide any tangible evidence. About time the Pakistan government started representing its country for we are being implicated all round in terrorism as no other nation has ever been done. We should not let others point fingers at us, call us terrorists and get away with pinning the blame of their security failures on us. -M. ABDULLAH MALIK, Islamabad, March 4.