MOHMAND AGENCY Three key militant commanders including Maulvi Faqir Mohammad and 27 other Taliban were reportedly killed and several others got injured in the shelling of security forces on a house here in tehsil Pendyali on Friday. According to details, gunship helicopters pounded various suspected hideouts of militants in Dauzai and Sagai areas of tehsil Pendyali and Alinagar, Chamarkand and Soran Dara of tehsil Safi. According to FC sources, some 30 militants were killed and several others were injured. The gunship helicopters targeted a house after the security forces got information that terrorists were present inside it. It is firmly believed that three key militant commanders including TTP Chief for Bajaur Agency Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, an Afghan Qari Zia-ur-Rehman, and Fateh of Matta, Swat, were killed in the strikes. The killed Afghan commander was hailing from Kunar province of Afghanistan, while commander Fatehs real name was Umer Rehman and he was also a member of TTP Swat Shura. Several hideouts of the militants were also destroyed in the shelling. Meanwhile, the security forces presented four bodies of militants before media persons in Ghalanai. These militants were killed during clashes with security forces in Chamar Kand area of Mohmand Agency the other day. Agencies add: At least 30 Taliban militants were killed by security forces, a security official said. The authorities were trying to confirm reports that the deputy head of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, was among those killed. A senior official with the paramilitary Frontier Corps, which spearheads security operations in the tribal region, said the militants died when helicopter gunships pounded their hideouts in the Mohmand district. The strikes came a day after dozens of insurgents raided a security check post in Mohmands Chamarkand area, killing two soldiers and injuring two more. The forces repulsed the pre-dawn attack, claiming to have killed 30 attackers, who, according to officials, were from the adjoining Bajaur district. Faqir Mohammad is the deputy head of the TTP, an umbrella organisation for more than 12 militant outfits. His death would be a major blow for the Taliban in general and for the militants in Bajaur in particular. We have received information that 30 Taliban militants were killed in the airstrikes, said the Frontier Corps official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Some reports say that Maulvi Faqir was also killed, but we are trying to confirm the reports. The security forces launched an offensive in Bajaur in August 2008 against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters launching cross-border attacks on NATO forces in the Afghan province of Kunar. The 17-month campaign, which resulted in death of 2,200 militants and 149 soldiers, culminated with the seizure of a huge complex of tunnels and caves often visited by Al-Qaeda operatives in Damadola.