PML-Q secretary general Mushahid Hussain Sayyed has said US has decided to include Pakistan in the list of nuclear countries under the doctrine of necessity, as Pakistan has become its necessity to achieve success in Afghanistan. Mushahid Hussain Sayyed said this while addressing protest demonstration of contract employees and later talking to a private TV channel here Saturday,. Change to some extent was coming in the US policy under the presidency of Obama, he held. US wanted to give Pakistan and India equal status in the Washington conference taking place on April, 12 while US trust on Pakistan military security establishment and nuclear weapons had been restored, he added. This all had occurred due to Pakistan role in war on terror and in Afghanistan, he remarked. US double standard on nuclear issue with reference to Pakistan and India had been changed and its policy to include Pakistan in nuclear countries list would lower the scale of criticism against US in terms of its double standards, he added. Without cooperation from Pakistan US strategy in Afghanistan could not work therefore, Obama administration had to accept to Pakistan long outstanding demand, he underlined. Pakistan should pursue the very stance in the upcoming Washington conference that there should be no double standards on nuclear issue, he urged. Whatever stance was adopted, it should be principled and equal for all, he added. India raised hue and cry over military aid to Pakistan and on the other hand India had voiced its trust over Pakistan nuclear program, as the former knew it well that the same apprehension could be expressed about its nuclear program what it was having about Pakistan. "We strongly condemn Sindh government for adopting double standards and reject it. Those talking about rights of people of Sindh address their problems only when their pockets are filled with bribery, he maintained. The incumbent Sindh government is running the affairs of province on the basis of corruption, he accused.