ISLAMABAD The World Bank has taken serious notice of reported efforts and obvious intentions of the Government to undermine effectiveness, if not existence, of the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) that was established under conditional support of the Bank. According to well-placed sources, the Banks resident mission has taken notice of TheNations story captioned 'Govt yields to mafia, cartelsDemise looming large on CCP and has decided to formally write to the Government against the treatment it, so far, has given to the competition watchdog. The mission has also collected recordings of various statements given by both the Government functionaries as well as the Parliamentarians, especially, Senators that appeared to belittle the CCP. Even after the National Assembly had passed the Competition Commissions draft law, currently in the form of a re-promulgated ordinance, cartels have managed to stall it in the Senate. Now the re-promulgated Competition Commission Ordinance 2009 would also expire on March 28. Unless President Asif Ali Zardari, once again, re-promulgate it or the Parliament passes it into an Act by March 28, the CCP would seize to exist on March 29, 2010. According to the sources, in case the Government does not head on reminder given by the World Bank about inevitability, autonomy, and effectiveness of the CCP, it would link the Commissions effective survival to the phase three of the Poverty Reduction Support Programme (PRSP-III). The sources told TheNation the World Bank, in its formal communication most probably early next week would remind the Government of the necessity of an effective CCP not only for the consumers protection but also for maintaining, if not increasing, the productivity, both qualitative and quantitative, of the economy. The sources quoting a senior official of the Banks resident mission said that the WB was all out to support the vantage point of the CCP regarding the Commissions potent existence. Besides, the Bank has also endorsed the CCPs plea that its court of appeal should be federal court as against the provincial courts. The Bank has also disliked the Governments bizarre move to reduce the level of the court of appeal against the CCP decisions. Of late, the Government has changed the court of appeal from the Supreme Court to the High Court through a mere corrigenda rather than going through an amendment.