ISLAMABAD President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani are heading towards yet another friction over choice of new president of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Chapter, sources told TheNation. According to sources, the two top leaders of the PPP are having difference over the replacement of the entire incumbent set up of the PPP AJK that has disappointed them as it had failed to deliver up to the mark. The only agreement between the two was the removal of the entire set up including President Chaudhry Majeed, General Secretary Chaudhry Latif Akbar, Senior Vice-President Chaudhry Yaseen and Secretary Information Matloob Inqalabi as they have miserably failed in running the party set up in AJK. On this, the central leadership of the party is disappointed and has decided to replace them. Chaudhry Majeed-led body committed many severe blunders during last two years, one of major blunders was a chance, which was provided to Sardar Attique to topple pro-PPP Sardar Yaqoobs government. On this, the party workers and middle-level leadership seemed to have demanded that Sardar Qamar Zaman might be the right candidate for the president of the party in AJK. Two names, which include Sardar Qamar Zaman from Bagh, one of the major districts of AJK, and Chaudhry Zaman from Kotli are under consideration. According to the sources, Sardar Qamar Zaman, a seasoned politician of the PPP and who also held important government portfolios in the past, is being backed by Speaker National Assembly, Dr Fehmida Mirza and Zulfiqar Mirza, who are well-known members of Zardaris kitchen cabinet. While on the other side, financially strong Chaudhry Zaman of Kotli is another strong contender for the slot. Having close relations with President Asif Ali Zardari, Chaudhry Zaman is also having series of businesses in the United Kingdom and as well as in Pakistan. Zaman had also served the PPP during his stay in London in various capacities and was all set to assure financial support to PPP AJK, if he is selected as President of Pakistan Peoples Party for AJK Chapter. However, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani was of the view that imposition of someone without taking of the secondary and tertiary leadership of the party on board, would not go well with the party and could have adverse effects on it. Apparently Gilians policies are meant to keep the body and soul together, but the workers has been demanding for removal of the present AJK party leadership, which has provided a very good opportunity to Zardari to make some critical decision. According to the sources, the Prime Minister has principally disagreed to such a unilateral move and stressed the need for taking the sense of the Central Executive Committee for resolution of this issue. TheNation has learnt that a very confidential dinner was arranged on directives of Zardari here on Wednesday for taking majority of the CEC members of PPP AJK into confidence. It would be difficult for Zardari to ignore Chaudhry Yaseen, Senior Vice President of PPP AJK. Yaseen too is trying hard to broker some solid deal with Zardari. Apart from the threat that senior politicians may change sides, Zardari has made his mind to reorganise the party by inducting personalities of his own choice. When contacted, Sardar Qamar Zaman, who claimed to have the backing of President Zardari, confirmed that his sympathisers would hear good news very soon in this regard. He was optimistic that finally Chaudhry Zaman will withdraw in his favour. When contacted, Chaudhry Majeed expressed his ignorance about such move and quickly added, No one can remove me, I have given too much to the party, if any attempt will be made to dislodge me I will plead my case before the party high-ups. Majority of PPPs quarters believe that removal of Chaudhry Majeed-led body would set new direction and would strengthen the party image in AJK.