LAHORE PPPs proposed Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly, Raja Riaz offered his partys support to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif if he stopped supporting PML-Q defectors or the Unification Bloc. We will repose our confidence in Shahbaz Sharif if he stopped promoting Lotas (turncoats) in Punjab. However, we feel horse-trading and blackmailing will continue, therefore we demand Shahbaz Sharif take a fresh vote of confidence and close the Lota foundry, Raja Riaz, the sacked PPP minister, said while talking to the media outside the Punjab Assembly on Saturday. Earlier, the PPP politicians met in the assembly to devise their future strategy. Also, the PPP submitted a privilege motion with the Punjab Assembly Secretariat. Raja Riaz accused Shahbaz Sharif of running the province whimsically. Punjab is running on loans from the federation and it will be on the verge of devastation if loans were stopped. There is no governance in the province, he said while referring to the matriculation examination that many students missed as their roll number slips were not delivered. Protests have become a routine. There is no security in Punjab and the crime rate is increasing, Raja alleged. Sarcastically congratulating Shahbaz, he said some members of his newly-formed Lota foundry had rebelled. However, they are being called to the Chief Ministers House again, said the PPP leader, while hinting at the meeting of the Unification Bloc members with the CM. Raja also took a swipe at Shahbaz for warning Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik against provincialism. About the provincial cabinet meetings, he said only few cabinet meetings were called during the three years, while the Constitution required fortnightly meetings. One-man show will not be tolerated and the CM should come to the Assembly and answer questions, he said. However, the PPP leader vowed that the PPP as an opposition would work for strengthening democracy.