KASUR - PML-N Central leader and MNA Hamza Shahbaz has stressed the need for promotion of education, saying that education is the only solution to eradicate terrorism from the country.

Hamza Shahbaz was addressing a public meeting at the inaugural ceremony of the Bus Terminal on Ferozpur Road here on Tuesday. The PML-N MNA pointed out that a network of Daanish schools had been established throughout the province to provide the children of middle class, ordinary labourers, and tenants would quality education free of cost, adding that this step would help put the country on the way to progress.

Addressing a huge gathering, Hamza Shahbaz claimed that the PML-N would constitute its government in all the provinces of the country and Nawaz Sharif would be the next prime minister after a securing a thumping victory in the upcoming elections. He compared that the economic conditions of the masses and the duration of power and gas loadshedding were not that worsening in 1997 as it was today. He blamed the federal government for the prevailing crises, saying that due to wrong policies Zardari nad his cohorts did nothing for the masses except plundering national wealth. Hamza Shahbaz asserted that the general elections were around the corner and the nation would take vengeance through the power ballot.

He said when in power, the PML-N would take accountability of every single penny. He said, while targeting Zardari, that the nation would not let him run, no matter, how strong the concreted walls of his palace were in Lahore.

The PML-N MNA regretted that people were dying in bomb blasts and terrorists were even spraying bullets on funeral procession, but the PPP government had failed to protect the masses and eliminate the anti-social elements.

Hamza Shabaz said that land in Sind land could not be distributed to landless tenants due to the wrong policies of Zardari. That’s why people of sindh welcomed Nawaz sharif and expressed their trust in him,” he added.

He said that today, the youth was running from pillar to post with degrees in their hands for jobs, but the jobs were nowhere. He claimed that after coming into power, the PML-N would provide jobs to people and end power outages. The PML-n MNA said that PML-N was the beacon light for the nation and a guarantee for a prosperous Pakistan.