ISLAMABAD- Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah opposed the idea of involving the army in the negotiations with the Taliban, in the National Assembly today.

While talking to the journalists at the Parliament House after the PAC meeting, Shah said the government should not involve the army in the dialogue process with the Taliban as only the government itself could go for the dialogue.

"The army is meant to obey the government orders and armed forces involvement in talks with the terrorists will produce a very dangerous result," he said. "The army is only included in such a committee in case of a ceasefire with an enemy country after a battle," he added.

He further said that he had no objection if former members of the armed forces participated in the peace talks. "The terrorists are the murderers of 60,000 Pakistanis and it would be unfortunate to see the army sitting with them," he added.

F-8 court attack was a failure of the agencies and Ch Nisar should accept this failure, he concluded.