PESHAWAR - National Highways & Motorway Police conducted a road safety seminar here at Khyber Medical College (KMC), which was attended by a sizeable audience from the student community as well as the faculty members of the college, besides the officers of motorway Police.

In his welcome address, the Principal of KMC, Prof Dr Ejaz Hassan Khan, eulogised the motorway police for introducing the culture of soft policing in the country and extending help to commuters in distress.

The Inspector General of NH&MP reminded the audience of the increasing number of casualties on the roads of the country every year which needed to be curtailed.

He expressed his concern that road safety was not given the attention it deserves. He added that accidents were predictable and could be avoided if concerted efforts were made.

 He said that that more than 80 per cent of accidents took place due to negligence of drivers.

The inspector general informed the participants that orderly traffic on roads reflected the level of discipline of a nation. He said that the use of seat belt increased the chances of survival by 60-70 per cent in case of accident.

He elaborated that motorway police valued education and its better image was because of its courtesy, integrity, and professionalism of its officers and not because of their uniforms, vehicles or other gadgets.