On May 28, 1998 Pakistan conducted a nuclear test in Chagi (Quetta). That landmark incident enabled Pakistan to become the seventh atomic power of the world. This historic event dramatically changed Pakistan’s position in the global politics. Pakistan having nuclear capability, equipped with latest military technology now has significant role in stability of the region especially South Asia. The world is heading towards economic, political and social integration but Pakistan is tackling enormous issues inside the country such as water scarcity, terrorism, political instability and economic disintegration.and many more.

The west and the United States in particular are engaged in a so called global ‘war on terror’ using Pakistan as a front line ally for their own interest. It is time Pakistan looked at its own internal problems and resolved them rather than play someone else’s game! The superpowers have their own covert aims to contain Pakistan which has a significant geo strategic location; its nearness to the Arabian Sea (Gwadar Port) and having nuclear arsenal.

In the present stage Pakistan should revisit its foreign and strategic policies towards global powers. We are optimistic that she will set herself again on the track of progress and prosperity and play a vital role in the world politics. Our leaders should know how important Pakistan is to the rest of the world and play their cards intelligently.

Afghanistan and US should not be allowed to drag us in to the problems that they will face once the US troops start to withdraw. Our leaders should have very clear foreign policies on these matters and they should be shared with the public. The public wants peace and prosperity back. Let’s all agree that this was never our war and we don’t want it to continue it!


Mardan, January 21.