Having done my LLB from the Islamabad School of Law, I am quite aware of the hours of stressful studies involved in getting a law degree. Once the grueling years of endless modules are over, many of us plan to pursue a legal career with intermittent breaks to continue further study abroad. The late Shaheed Advocate Fizza Malik was one such promising student who became a victim of the savage blasts that rocked Islamabad District Courts. One can only imagine the pain her family is enduring for this unbearable loss.

Fizza became collateral damage in a political war at a time when a cease fire was in place. What does the PM do? Discuss it in an already inaugurated meeting as ‘Issue No.1’! How many more of us have to sacrifice our lives to wake the Government out of its deep slumber and take action against the insurgents!


United Kingdom, March 4.