KARACHI - The absconder and notorious chief of Lyari gang, Uzair Jan Baloch reached United Kingdom leaving the gang war between the Baloch and Baba Ladla groups continue in the area which claimed three more lives here on Wednesday.

Uzair Baloch, the chief of Lyari gang and nominated in several criminal cases, managed to reach London.

His faction continues to fight with the rival gang of Ladla. The ongoing gang war between the two groups now spread in the surrounding areas.

Both the groups continued fighting in Lyari for the last five days which has claimed lives of around a dozen people, majority of them were bystanders and passersby.

It is worth mentioning here that hundreds of people have been killed since the gang war resumed in Lyari. Law enforcement agencies have failed to enter the troubled areas as they were restricted by the influential leaders of the government, sources privy to the mater disclosed.

It is worth mentioning the police and Rangers repteadely claiming that the operation will continue till the elimination of last criminal but could not clear Lyari only in last six months of the operation.

The escape of Uzair abroad proved the leniency of Sindh government towards the Lyari gangsters.

In an informal session, after a press conference, a police high up revealed that it is good for the police that gangsters were killing each other but did not answer that who is responsible for the killings of general public during the gang war.   

Intermittent clashes were continued between the rival gangs. Gangsters were using highly sophisticated weapons including rockets to hit their targets.

The gang war has infiltrated into Napier and Pak Colony areas now. “The reason behind this is the law enforcers – Rangers and police – they just take their positions outside the affected areas but never try to enter the affected areas and target the gangsters,” he added.

On Wednesday, the surrounding areas of Lyari, including Pak Colony and Napier also faced the same situation what the residents of Lyari were facing from the beginning of the new month. As the parts of the Lyari remained tense due to nonstop gunshots and explosions of rockets, hand grenades and bombs, the routine and commercial activities remained suspended in Pak Colony and Napier localities.

Habibur Rehman, 50, was killed when a group of gangsters opened indiscriminate fire in Khajoor Bazaar. Similarly, Gauhar Rehman, 45, was shot dead near Rehmania Chowk in Napier locality.

Meanwhile, a youth was found dead near Dhobi Ghat in Niazi Colony. Raju, 25, and Daniyal, 22, were wounded when armed gangsters lobbed hand grenades and opened indiscriminate fire outside the Lyari General Hospital. Ejaz Hussain and a three-year-old girl were wounded when gangsters opened fire near Kamaila Stop in Baghdadi area.